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The meeting of members of the Polish Copernicus Society of Naturalists in Lviv
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A photograph advertising "Kosmos," which was published in Lviv in 1882

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The headline of the second issue of the "Wszechswiat" of 1882.
The first issue of the magazine did not yet have the logo.

The Polish Copernicus Society of Naturalists has existed since 1875, and
it is one of the oldest scientific societies in Poland. The Polish Copernicus Society
is a non-profit organization, i.e., the members of the Society perform their functions honorably, and our activities are based on grants and donations. At present, the main aim of the Society is to popularize the achievements of natural sciences,
among others, through organizing scientific lectures, conferences, and publishing journals. The Society continues the publication of two historical journals:
„Kosmos. Problemy Nauk Biologicznych” „Wszechświat. Pismo Przyrodnicze”
The Society hosts the Main Committee of the Biological Olympiad, which organizes the annual Biological Olympiad competition in high schools.
How to become a member of the Copernicus Society - details are in the information tab.

Dear Members, Friends, and Supporters of the Polish Copernicus Society of Naturalists

The Society is a non-profit organization and organizes many educational events and popularization of natural sciences, which are free of charge for the participants. It also publishes two magazines: scientific KOSMOS and popular science WSZECHŚWIAT. The Society's Board, branch and section boards, and journal editors work for the Society on a volunteer basis. However, the cost of organizing events, preparing the following issues of the journals for publication, and administrative work require financial resources.

The Society does not receive any subsidies from the Ministry of Education and Science for the organized popular science conferences (Brain Week in Cracow), competitions (Brain Bee Neuroscience Contest), and publication of magazines and is facing significant financial difficulties. We badly need financial support for our activities.

President of the General Assembly of the Polish Copernicus Society of Naturalists
Prof. dr hab. Elżbieta Pyza