Brain Week

is organized since 1999 in Kraków,
as part of international Brain Awarness Week.
The event is designed to bring public attention to issues
related to normal and pathological functioning of the brain
and to emphasize the need for research in this field
due to the large impact of brain disorders on quality of life.
The conference also aims to popularize science and provides an opportunity to discuss
he current state of knowledge about the brain.
It is held as a series of lectures attended by:
and high school students.

The latest abstract

"Neuropsychiatric disorders in COVID-19 "
by: Alina Borkowska

14 – 19 march 2022

Neuropsychiatric disturbances after COVID-19 are multifactorial conditioned. The main factors are structural and functional CNS abnormalities, directly related to virus infection, among others changes in cerebral vessels, brain tissue, impaired cellular metabolism and an increase in the activity of inflammatory factors. Another conditions of neuropsychiatric disorders in COVID-19 are the psychosocial consequences of the pandemic. The most frequent neuropsychiatric disorders in COVID 19 are fatigue, sleep disturbances, inability to concentrate, depression, anxiety and cognitive impairment. Neuropsychiatric disease associated with interaction of the virus with the CNS have a different picture depending of the illness severity and dominant symptoms. Greater intensity of the neuropsychiatric dysfunctions and longer duration occurs in patients with a severe form of the disease. Neuropsychological evaluation can be used to determine the neuropsychological profile and develop individual program of neurocognitive therapy.

the photo in the background comes from an archival issue of "Wszechświat" 1888r.,
Vol. 7, No. 38